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Spirulina Pacifica 400 tabs 
Did you know that one of the ideal plants to make super supplements from is algae? Now you are probably thinking of the green, slightly furry, almost weed like growth which floats in ponds, and yes you would be correct in doing so. Algae absorbs all of the nutritious minerals which can be found in water, specific types of this plant (Spirulina and Chlorella) are then used to produce products  that can help us to maintain our health. Let's talk about Super Supplements.

Don't worry the ones in our ponds are not used to produce the tablets and powders of nutritional supplements for us! Normally it comes from mountain lakes and streams because the water quality is much better and also from natural sources that have not been chemically enhanced or polluted.

When taking supplements you should still be eating a healthy diet, consisting of a mixture of different vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and cheese which contains a lot of protein and so on. After all it is only an extra, an add on, something to take in conjunction with a well balanced meal, not something that you should rely on  completely for nutrition.

Due to the fast paced lifestyle that we now live, many people go through the day without breakfast; they have a measly sandwich for lunch or fast food and for dinner shove a microwave meal in to cook. Eating this way now and again is not a big problem but if done all the time this style of eating can cause many health problems, including heart problems. Popping a few food supplement pills will not stop this, no matter what the ingredients are.

Source Naturals Chlorella
from Yaeyama Powder,
16 Ounce

There are many forms of nutritional supplements available on the market, some even claim to help reduce cellulite! The best advice to follow is to conduct your own research into the products that you might want to use. Check the ingredients of each, see what they claim to do and compare the prices in order to select the best supplements for you.

Large debates about these health products have developed because it is questionable whether or not some of them actually work. Some people believe they're only a placebo which fools people into thinking that they are a lot healthier, when really nothing has changed.

Another point to take into consideration is, are there any side effects? This is often something which is over looked by many people; it may be worthwhile consulting your doctor, especially if you are uncertain of what any ingredient actually does. The doctor will be able to advise you whether or not any supplements can be mixed together safely.

You may think, but why would I need a vitamin supplement if I am eating balanced meals all of the time? Vegetables and fruit are good for you but cooking them, especially boiling, removes a lot of their nutrients and vitamins. Steaming or roasting these food groups is not as bad. This is when taking super supplements can really help your body because the nutrients from the tablet or powder, add to that of the food you have digested.